Use a Gamepad ,or a 2nd device functioning as a gamepad! 

The best way to fly FPV is when the sticks are in your hands!

Use a 2nd smartphone or tablet running D.C GamePad with DRONES-CONTROLLER !!!

Needless to say that DRONES-CONTROLLER support real GamePads as well.

Real-time image adjustments!

a picture is worth a thousand words...

Drones-Controller can dramatically enhanced the real-time video from your Drone.  

FPV lens adjustments & Zoom

Drones-Controller FPV display can be adjusted to any lens distance and FOV by simply moving the frames with your fingers. this means you can use Drones-Controller with a wide range of VR sets



DRONES-CONTROLLER provides an amazing VR experience!

Projecting the flight information closer to the user and rendering two images from two different angles, Drones Controller provides a 3D cockpit (Displaying a 2D video stream).




Piloting your drone: The Magic sticks!

Drones-Controller's on-screen gamepad implements what we call "magic sticks", and magical they are!

Just touch the screen and the relevant stick will jump to your finger. Once you touched the screen, the stick will not leave you. drag your finger outside the range of the stick - and it will follow your finger! this behaviours ensures that every movement of your finger is processed.

Navigational tools

DRONE CONTROLLER provides two main navigational tools:

1. an on-screen compass that displays both drone's location and home's location.

2. a map screen displaying the same locations as the compass does.

DRONES CONTROLLER FOR MAKERS is a special version of DRONES CONTROLLER that uses our open communication protocol (DCOCP) with drones. The makers version was designed to save you the costs of developing a controlling application for your drone.

Just add DCOCP support to your drone ( a C open source code will be available soon on GitHub) and your drone will have a controlling app for it.

if you are a Drones maker or manufacturer, an app for your drone is just a click a way!  

We will be happy to provide you with an OEM version of Drones-Controller for your drone!



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DRONES-CONTROLLER is an app that boosts drone's piloting experience to the "WOW!!!" level using state of the art technologies such as real time video & flight data analysis and more.

Enhanced video streaming, Head up display (HUD), FPV VR display with head tracking,  low latency, navigation tools, supports the use of two smartphones simultaneously: one for VR display, the other as a gamepad!!,  supports MFI gamepads & Sky-Controller, and much more !